Tower Client Machines

Experience unparalleled surveillance with our state-of-the-art CCTV Tower Client Machines, tailored to meet every security need. Starting with the reliable i3 version, ideal for basic monitoring, and scaling up to the robust i5 and i7 models, we cater to more demanding surveillance environments. But for those who seek the ultimate CCTV viewing experience, our Xtreme i9 version stands unrivaled. Equipped with a plethora of options, it offers customizable graphics capabilities and an expansive range of RAM choices to ensure seamless, high-resolution video playback. The addition of RAID configurations not only enhances data protection but also ensures continuous operation, even in the most challenging conditions. Whether you're overseeing a small business or a large-scale operation, our CCTV Tower Client Machines provide the perfect blend of power, reliability, and scalability, ensuring that no detail goes unnoticed.

Cube Client Machines

Discover the ultimate in surveillance technology with our cutting-edge 4-Bay Cube Machine, designed to cater to a wide spectrum of security needs. From the dependable i3 model, perfect for essential monitoring tasks, to the more powerful i3 and i5 variants, our range is built to handle increasingly complex surveillance scenarios. For those who demand the pinnacle of CCTV performance, our High Performance i7 version is in a league of its own. This powerhouse is customizable with a variety of options and a broad selection of RAM configurations, ensuring fluid, high-definition video streaming. The 4-bay design not only offers ample storage but also supports HDD configurations for enhanced data integrity and uninterrupted operation. Whether it's for a compact retail space or a comprehensive security setup, our 4-Bay Cube Machine combines compactness, power, and adaptability, guaranteeing that every critical moment is captured with utmost clarity.

Small Form Client Machines

Embrace the power of compact surveillance with our versatile range of Small Form Factor (SFF) machines, meticulously engineered to suit diverse security demands. Starting with the efficient i3 model, perfect for fundamental monitoring needs, we ascend to the more robust i5 and i7 versions, adept at handling intricate surveillance tasks. For those who seek the zenith of CCTV operation, our Xtreme i9 SFF machine is the epitome of performance in a compact package. Customization is key, with a wide array of graphics options and extensive RAM choices available, ensuring smooth, high-definition video monitoring. Despite their compact size, these SFF machines don't compromise on storage, offering flexible solutions that can include HDD configurations for added data security and consistent performance. Ideal for environments where space is at a premium but quality can't be compromised, our Small Form Factor machines offer the perfect fusion of size, power, and versatility, ensuring comprehensive surveillance without the spatial footprint."